Bulk Order Info


On occasion I'm asked to do bulk orders. Which I'm more than happy to do! 

This is a great option for weddings & events. 

So to answer Q's

1. Time frame - depending on the items general rule of thumb is 2-4 weeks after all drafts are approved. 

2. Postage times - allow an additional 5-7 (longer if you are in SA or WA)  I use Auspost as my main postage carrier. 

3. If something isn't listed on my site - Im more than happy to custom design an item for you. 

4. Can I bulk order cups or bottles personalised? - YES you sure can !! add engraving of your business logo or event etc 

5. Can you do sublimation - No I can not.  

6. Decals  - Yes you can order at a wholesale price for decals of 50 or more & also custom colours. 

7. Engraving - Yes I can engrave most flat surfaces that fit in my machine within 40cm x 60cm & can engrave round products 85mm in diameter or smaller